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Chef Antonio de Livier became well known to locals as the executive chef for all four of the Pueblo Bonita resorts. Two of his most famous restaurants within those resorts are Frida's and Fellini.

Chef de Livier trained in Mexico City where he was born, and his career has taken him all over Mexico, Europe and the United States.

He is excited about his choice of fusion cuisine for Scoop. Fusion is a term that simply implies the fusion of several cuisines in one dish. Itís a style of cooking which is becoming increasingly popular the world over but it seems, also increasingly controversial. Some people seem to think that ingredients from different world cuisines should never meet on the same plate.

The term "fusion" originated in the U.S., as did the earlier term "Pacific Rim". "Modern European" and Pacific Rim cuisines are the same thing. Although Pacific Rim cooking may conjure up images of palm trees and warm waters, many chefs in different corners of the world scour North Africa for couscous, the Mediterranean for olives and Thailand for galangal and lemon grass - ingredients not normally associated with the Pacific.

The main principle of fusion cooking is to rely on the freshest ingredients. The freshest fish and best organic meats and vegetables are crucial. In addition, rather than having to rely solely on local and European flavors, the fusion chef has a more extensive larder to draw on.

Fusion restaurants are often trendy and have no singular thematic cohesion other than innovative eclecticism in their menus.

Scoop is presenting fusion cuisine because we want to make your food more diverse and interesting and to ignite excitement in new ingredients and fresh combinations of ingredients. We feature a wide variety of dishes inspired by combinations of various regional cuisines with new ideas. - itís creative, and itís fun!

Working preliminary menu
BY Chef Antonio de Livier

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